Thursday, May 30, 2013

1305.6841 (Xavier Busch et al.)

Dynamical Casimir Effect in dissipative media: When is the final state
non-separable ?

Xavier Busch, Renaud Parentani
We study the consequences of dissipation in homogeneous media when the system is subject to a sudden change, thereby producing pairs of correlated quasi-particles with opposite momenta. We compute both the modifications of the spectrum, and those of the correlations. In particular, we compute the final coherence level, and identify the regimes where the state is non-separable. To isolate the role of dissipation, we first consider dispersive media and study the competition between the intensity of the jump which induces some coherence, and the temperature which reduces it. The contributions of stimulated and spontaneous emission are clearly identified. We then study how dissipation modifies this competition.
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