Thursday, June 13, 2013

1306.2754 (Aurelie de Paz et al.)

Non-equilibrium quantum magnetism in a dipolar lattice gas    [PDF]

Aurelie de Paz, Arijit Sharma, Amodsen Chotia, Etienne Marechal, John Huckans, Paolo Pedri, Luis Santos, Olivier Gorceix, Laurent Vernac, Bruno Laburthe-Tolra
Research on quantum magnetism with ultra-cold gases in optical lattices is expected to open fascinating perspectives for the understanding of fundamental problems in condensed-matter physics. Here we report on the first realization of quantum magnetism using a degenerate dipolar gas in an optical lattice. In contrast to their non-dipolar counterparts, dipolar lattice gases allow for inter-site spin-spin interactions without relying on super-exchange energies, which constitutes a great advantage for the study of spin lattice models. In this paper we show that a chromium gas in a 3D lattice realizes a lattice model resembling the celebrated t-J model, which is characterized by a non-equilibrium spinor dynamics resulting from inter-site Heisenberg-like spin-spin interactions provided by non-local dipole-dipole interactions. Moreover, due to its large spin, chromium lattice gases constitute an excellent environment for the study of quantum magnetism of high-spin systems, as illustrated by the complex spin dynamics observed for doubly-occupied sites.
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