Monday, June 17, 2013

1306.3402 (Luca Salasnich et al.)

Localized modes in dense repulsive and attractive Bose-Einstein
condensates with spin-orbit and Rabi couplings

Luca Salasnich, Boris A. Malomed
We consider a binary Bose-Einstein condensate with linear and nonlinear interactions between its components, which emulate the spinor system with spin-orbit (SO) and Rabi couplings. For a relatively dense condensate, 1D coupled equations with the nonpolynomial nonlinearity of both repulsive and attractive signs are derived from the 3D Gross-Pitaevskii equations. Profiles of modes confined in an external potential under the action of the self-repulsion, and self-trapped solitons in the case of the self-attraction, are found in a numerical form and by means of analytical approximations. In the former case, the interplay of the SO and Rabi couplings with the repulsive nonlinearity strongly distorts shapes of the trapped modes, adding conspicuous side lobes to them. In the case of the attractive nonlinearity, the most essential result is reduction of the collapse threshold under the action of the SO and Rabi couplings.
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