Monday, June 24, 2013

1306.5119 (Zhongkai Wang et al.)

Asymmetric superradiant scattering and abnormal mode amplification
induced by atomic density distortion

Zhongkai Wang, Linxiao Niu, Peng Zhang, Mingxuan Wen, Zhen Fang, Xuzong Chen, Xiaoji Zhou
The superradiant Rayleigh scattering using a pump laser incident along the short axis of a Bose-Einstein condensate with a density distortion is studied, where the distortion is formed by shocking the condensate utilizing the residual magnetic force after the switching-off of the trapping potential. We find that very small variation of the atomic density distribution would induce remarkable asymmetrically populated scattering modes by the matter-wave superradiance with long time pulse. The optical field in the diluter region of the atomic cloud is more greatly amplified, which is not an ordinary mode amplification with the previous cognition. Our numerical simulations with the density envelop distortion are consistent with the experimental results. This supplies a useful method to reflect the geometric symmetries of the atomic density profile by the superradiance scattering.
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