Friday, June 28, 2013

1306.6473 (Max Kahmann et al.)

High accuracy photoassociation of $^{40}$Ca near the ${^3P_1}+{^1S_0}$
asymptote and its Zeeman effect

Max Kahmann, Eberhard Tiemann, Oliver Appel, Uwe Sterr, Fritz Riehle
We report on the first measurement of narrow photoassociation lines of $^{40}$Ca near the ${^3P_1}+{^1S_0}$ asymptote related to the molecular states $^3\Pi_u$ and $^3\Sigma^+_u$. The highly accurate binding energies and Zeeman splittings are well described by a coupled channel theoretical model, confirming theoretical predictions of long-range coefficients. Our analysis shows that only the inclusion of both energies and Zeeman splittings provides an accurate description of the long-range interaction potentials.
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