Friday, July 5, 2013

1307.1407 (Alexander Janot et al.)

Superfluid Stiffness of a Driven Dissipative Condensate with Disorder    [PDF]

Alexander Janot, Timo Hyart, Paul R. Eastham, Bernd Rosenow
Observations of macroscopic quantum coherence in driven systems, e.g. polariton condensates, have strongly stimulated experimental as well as theoretical efforts during the last decade. We address the question of whether a driven quantum condensate is a superfluid, allowing for the effects of disorder and its non-equilibrium nature. We predict that for spatial dimensions d<4 the superfluid stiffness vanishes once the condensate exceeds a critical size, and treat in detail the case d=2. Thus a non-equilibrium condensate is not a superfluid in the thermodynamic limit, even for weak disorder, although superfluid behavior would persist in small systems.
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