Monday, July 8, 2013

1307.1538 (Georgios Kordas et al.)

Decay and fragmentation in an open Bose-Hubbard chain    [PDF]

Georgios Kordas, Sandro Wimberger, Dirk Witthaut
We analyze the decay of ultracold atoms from an optical lattice with loss form a single lattice site. If the initial state is dynamically stable a suitable amount of dissipation can stabilize a Bose-Einstein condensate, such that it remains coherent even in the presence of strong interactions. A transition between two different dynamical phases is observed if the initial state is dynamically unstable. This transition is analyzed here in detail. For strong interactions, the system relaxes to an entangled quantum state with remarkable statistical properties: The atoms bunch in a few "breathers" forming at random positions. Breathers at different positions are coherent, such that they can be used in precision quantum interferometry and other applications.
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