Monday, July 15, 2013

1307.3443 (A. N. Wenz et al.)

From Few to Many: Observing the Formation of a Fermi Sea One Atom at a

A. N. Wenz, G. Zürn, S. Murmann, I. Brouzos, T. Lompe, S. Jochim
We investigate the crossover from few to many-body physics by studying quasi one-dimensional systems of ultracold atoms consisting of a single impurity interacting with an increasing number of identical fermions. We prepare these systems in their ground state and measure their interaction energy as a function of the number of majority atoms for different strengths of the interparticle interaction. For a system containing only one majority atom we recover the analytical two-particle solution. As we increase the number of majority atoms one by one we observe the convergence of the normalized interaction energy towards a many-body limit calculated for a single impurity immersed in a Fermi sea of majority particles. With our measurements we have thus directly observed the formation of a Fermi sea from single particles and realized the one-dimensional analog of the repulsive Fermi polaron.
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