Monday, August 5, 2013

1308.0567 (Przemyslaw Bienias et al.)

Ground state of a two component dipolar Fermi gas in a harmonic

Przemyslaw Bienias, Krzysztof Pawlowski, Tilman Pfau, Kazimierz Rzazewski
Interacting two component Fermi gases are at the heart of our understanding of macroscopic quantum phenomena like superconductivity. Changing nature of the interaction is expected to head to novel quantum phases. Here we study the ground state of a two component fermionic gas in a harmonic potential with dipolar and contact interactions. Using a variational Wigner function we present the phase diagram of the system with equal but opposite values of the magnetic moment. We identify the second order phase transition from paramagnetic to ferronematic phase. Moreover, we show the impact of the experimentally relevant magnetic field on the stability and the magnetization of the system. We also investigate a two component Fermi gas with large but almost equal values of the magnetic moment to study how the interplay between contact and dipolar interactions affects the stability properties of the mixture. To be specific we discuss experimentally relevant parameters for ultracold $^{161}$Dy.
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