Monday, February 6, 2012

1202.0600 (Z. M. He et al.)

Rebound-through transition of bright-bright solitons collision in two
species condensates with repulsive interspecies interactions

Z. M. He, D. L. Wang, J. W. Ding
We study the dynamical properties of bright-bright solitons in two species
Bose-Einstein condensates with the repulsive interspecies interactions under
the external harmonic potentials by using a variational approach combined with
numerical simulation. It is found that the interactions between bright-bright
solitons vary from repulsive to attractive interactions with the increasing of
their separating distances. And the bright-bright solitons can be localized at
equilibrium positions, different from the periodic oscillation of bright
soliton in the single species condensates. Especially, a through-collision is
newly observed from the bright-bright solitons collisions with the increasing
of the initial velocity. The collisional type of bright-bright solitons, either
rebound - or through -collision, depends on the modulation of the initial
conditions. These results will be helpful for the experimental manipulating
such solitons.
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