Monday, February 6, 2012

1202.0643 (J. Salort et al.)

Turbulent velocity spectra in superfluid flows    [PDF]

J. Salort, C. Baudet, B. Castaing, B. Chabaud, F. Daviaud, T. Didelot, P. Diribarne, B. Dubrulle, Y. Gagne, F. Gauthier, A. Girard, B. Hébral, B. Rousset, P. Thibault, P. -E. Roche
We present velocity spectra measured in three cryogenic liquid 4He steady
flows: grid and wake flows in a pressurized wind tunnel capable of achieving
mean velocities up to 5 m/s at temperatures above and below the superfluid
transition, down to 1.7 K, and a "chunk" turbulence flow at 1.55 K, capable of
sustaining mean superfluid velocities up to 1.3 m/s. Depending on the flows,
the stagnation pressure probes used for anemometry are resolving from one to
two decades of the inertial regime of the turbulent cascade. We do not find any
evidence that the second order statistics of turbulence below the superfluid
transition differ from the ones of classical turbulence, above the transition.
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