Friday, April 5, 2013

1304.1328 (Hongmei Wang et al.)

Density-functional theory for the spin-1 bosons in a one-dimensional
harmonic trap

Hongmei Wang, Yunbo Zhang
We propose the density-functional theory for one-dimensional harmonically trapped spin-1 bosons in the ground state with repulsive density-density interaction and anti-ferromagnetic spin-exchange interaction. The density distributions of spin singlet paired bosons and polarized bosons with different total polarization for various interaction parameters are obtained by solving the Kohn-Sham equations which are derived based on the local density approximation and the Bethe ansatz exact results for homogeneous system. Non-monotonicity of the central densities is attributed to the competition between the density interaction and spin-exchange. The results reveal the phase separation of the paired and polarized bosons, the density profiles of which respectively approach the Tonks-Girardeau gases of Bose-Bose pairs and scalar bosons in the case of strong interaction. We give the R-P phase diagram at strong interaction and find the critical polarization, which paves the way to direct observe the exotic singlet pairing in spinor gas experimentally.
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