Friday, April 5, 2013

1304.1473 (M. Iskin)

Spin-orbit coupling induced polarization textures in trapped Fermi gases    [PDF]

M. Iskin
We use the Bogoliubov-de Gennes (BdG) theory to study the interplay between the Zeeman field, spin-orbit coupling (SOC) and resultant skyrmion-like polarization textures in harmonically trapped two-dimensional Fermi gases. Our primary finding is that, in sharp contrast to the no-SOC case where only an easy-axis polarization is possible beyond a threshold Zeeman field (depending on the interaction strength), any non-zero combination of the Zeeman field and Rashba SOC induces not only an easy-axis polarization everywhere in the system but also a spatially-modulated transverse one near the edges. Our secondary finding is that the ground states of Rashba spin-orbit coupled systems are revealed to have stronger Fulde-Ferrell type non-uniform superfluid characters (i.e. phase modulations) but not a Larkin-Ovchinnikov one (i.e. amplitude modulations) under the in-plane Zeeman field, for which the phases of the superfluid order parameters modulate near the edges and most prominently along the transverse direction. The effects of the interaction, temperature, SOC anisotropy and Zeeman field anisotropy on the intricate polarization textures and superfluid order parameter are also discussed.
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