Friday, April 12, 2013

1304.3326 (Albert Frisch et al.)

Hyperfine Structure of Laser-Cooling Transitions in Fermionic Erbium-167    [PDF]

Albert Frisch, Kiyotaka Aikawa, Michael Mark, Francesca Ferlaino, Ekaterina Berseneva, Svetlana Kotochigova
We have measured and analyzed the hyperfine structure of the only stable fermionic isotope of atomic erbium as well as determined its isotope shift relative to the four most-abundant bosonic isotopes. Our work focuses on the J->J+1 laser cooling transitions from the [Xe]4f126s2 (3H6) ground state to two levels of the excited [Xe]4f126s6p configuration, which are of major interest for experiments on quantum-degenerate dipolar Fermi gases. From a fit to the observed spectra we find that the magnetic dipole and electric quadrupole hyperfine constants for the excited state of the strong optical transition at 401nm are A_e/h=-100.1(3)MHz and B_e/h=-3079(30)MHz, respectively. For the narrow transition at 583nm a similar fit leads to hyperfine constants that are in excellent agreement with previous measurements. We have also determined the hyperfine constants using relativistic configuration-interaction ab-initio calculations. The agreement between the ab-initio and fitted data for the ground state is better than 0.1%, while for the two excited states the agreement is 1% and 11% for the A_e and B_e constants, respectively.
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