Wednesday, May 8, 2013

1305.1301 (Johannes Schachenmayer et al.)

Spontaneous emissions and thermalization of cold bosons in optical

Johannes Schachenmayer, Lode Pollet, Matthias Troyer, Andrew John Daley
We study the thermalization of excitations generated by spontaneous emission events for cold bosons in an optical lattice. Computing the dynamics described by the many-body master equa- tion, we characterize equilibration timescales in different parameter regimes. For simple observables, we find regimes in which the system relaxes rapidly to values in agreement with a thermal distribu- tion, and others where thermalization does not occur on typical experimental timescales. Because spontaneous emissions lead effectively to a local quantum quench, this behavior is strongly depen- dent on the low-energy spectrum of the Hamiltonian, and undergoes a qualitative change at the Mott Insulator-superfluid transition point. These results have important implications for the un- derstanding of thermalization after localized quenches in isolated quantum gases, as well as the characterization of heating in experiments.
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