Wednesday, May 8, 2013

1305.1378 (Weizhu Bao et al.)

A simple and efficient numerical method for computing the dynamics of
rotating Bose-Einstein condensates via a rotating Lagrangian coordinate

Weizhu Bao, Daniel Marahrens, Qinglin Tang, Yanzhi Zhang
We propose a simple, efficient and accurate numerical method for simulating the dynamics of rotating Bose-Einstein condensates (BECs) in a rotational frame with/without a long-range dipole-dipole interaction. We begin with the three-dimensional (3D) Gross-Pitaevskii equation (GPE) with an angular momentum rotation term and/or long-range dipole-dipole interaction, state the two-dimensional (2D) GPE obtained from the 3D GPE via dimension reduction under anisotropic external potential and review some dynamical laws related to the 2D and 3D GPE. By introducing a rotating Lagrangian coordinate system, the original GPEs are re-formulated to GPEs without the angular momentum rotation which is replaced by a time-dependent potential in the new coordinate system. We then cast the conserved quantities and dynamical laws in the new rotating Lagrangian coordinates. Based on the new formulation of the GPE for rotating BECs in the rotating Lagrangian coordinates, a time-splitting spectral method is presented for computing the dynamics of rotating BECs. The new numerical method is explicit, simple to implement, unconditionally stable and very efficient in computation. It is spectral order accurate in space and second-order accurate in time, and conserves the mass in the discrete level. Extensive numerical results are reported to demonstrate the efficiency and accuracy of the new numerical method. Finally, the numerical method is applied to test the dynamical laws of rotating BECs such as the dynamics of condensate width, angular momentum expectation and center-of-mass, and to investigate numerically the dynamics and interaction of quantized vortex lattices in rotating BECs without/with the long-range dipole-dipole interaction.
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