Friday, May 24, 2013

1305.5383 (Yangqian Yan et al.)

Harmonically trapped Fermi gas: Temperature dependence of the Tan

Yangqian Yan, D. Blume
Ultracold atomic gases with short-range interactions are characterized by a number of universal species-independent relations. Many of these relations involve the two-body Tan contact. Employing the canonical ensemble, we determine the Tan contact for small harmonically trapped two-component Fermi gases at unitarity over a wide range of temperatures, including the zero and high temperature regimes. A cluster expansion that describes the properties of the N-particle system in terms of those of smaller subsystems is introduced and shown to provide an accurate description of the contact in the high temperature regime. Finite-range corrections are quantified and the role of the Fermi statistics is elucidated by comparing results for Fermi, Bose and Boltzmann statistics.
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