Friday, May 24, 2013

1305.5456 (C. -H. Hsueh et al.)

Spin orders in the supersolid phases in binary Rydberg-dressed
Bose-Einstein condensates

C. -H. Hsueh, Y. -C. Tsai, K. -S. Wu, M. -S. Chang, W. C. Wu
We show that the five possible ordered states in a quantum spin-1/2 system with long-range exchange interactions: Neel, ladder, Peierls, coincidence, and domain states, can be realized in a binary Rydberg-dressed BEC system in the supersolid phase. In such a system, blockade phenomenon is shown to also occur for pairs of different excited-state atoms, which results in similar intra- and inter-species long-range interactions between ground-state atoms. It suggests that a pseudo spin-1/2 system can be possibly formed in the ground state of ultracold rudibium.
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