Thursday, July 4, 2013

1307.0899 (Liming Guan et al.)

Quasi-One-Dimensional Dipolar Quantum Gases    [PDF]

Liming Guan, Xiaoling Cui, Ran Qi, Hui Zhai
In this letter we consider dipolar quantum gases in a quasi-one-dimensional tube with dipole moment perpendicular to the tube direction. We deduce the effective one-dimensional interaction potential and show that this potential is not purely repulsive, but rather has an attractive part due to high-order scattering processes through transverse excited states. The attractive part can induce bound state and cause scattering resonances. This represents the dipole induced resonance in low-dimension. We work out an unconventional behavior of low-energy phase shift for this effective potential and show how it evolves across a resonance. Based on the phase shift, the interaction energy of spinless bosons is obtained using asymptotic Bethe ansatz. Despite of long-range nature of dipolar interaction, we find that a behavior similar as short-range Lieb-Linger gas emerges at the resonance regime.
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