Friday, May 3, 2013

1305.0114 (Ya-Jie Wu et al.)

Realizing Universal Majorana Fermionic Quantum Computation    [PDF]

Ya-Jie Wu, Jing He, Su-Peng Kou
Majorana-fermionic quantum computation (MFQC) was proposed by Bravyi and Kitaev (See Ref.\cite{Kitaev}), in which a fault-torrent (non-topological) quantum computer built from Majorana fermions may be more efficient than that built from distinguishable two-state systems. However, till now people don't know how to realize a MFQC in a physical system. In this paper we proposed a possible realization of MFQC. We find that the end of a line-defect of p-wave superconductor or superfluid on a honeycomb lattice will trap a Majorana zero mode, which will become the starting point of MFQC. Then we show how to manipulate Majorana fermions to do universal MFQC, which possesses unique possibilities for high-level local controllability, individual addressing, and readout of the quantum states of individual constituent elements by using timely cold-atom technology.
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