Friday, May 3, 2013

1305.0541 (Mariya Ivanovna Trukhanova)

Quantum Hydrodynamics Approach to The Research of Quantum Effects and
Vorticity Evolution in Spin Quantum Plasmas

Mariya Ivanovna Trukhanova
In this paper we explicate a method of magneto quantum hydrodynamics (MQHD) for the study of the quantum evolution of a system of spinning fermions in an external electromagnetic field. The fundamental equations of microscopic quantum hydrodynamics (the momentum balance equation and the magnetic moment density equation) were derived from the many-particle microscopic Schrodinger equation with Spin-Spin and Coulomb modified Hamiltonian. Using the developed approach the vorticity evolution equation and quantum spin vorticity dynamics equation for the quantum spinning plasma were derived. The effects of new spin forces and spin-spin interaction contributions on the motion of fermions, evolution of the magnetic moment density and vorticity generation were predicted. This results can be used for the theoretical studies of spinning many-particle systems, especially dense quantum plasmas in compact astrophysical objects, plasmas in semiconductors and micro-mechanical systems, in quantum x-ray free-electron lasers.
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